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  • Rob Dyer

Georgie Wood Receives 28 Day Racing Ban

Warrior fans worst fears have been confirmed with the news that number one rider Georgie Wood has been issued with a 28 day racing ban by the British Speedway Promoters Association (BSPA). Social media comment had questioned how Maidstone based Wood could be missing Warrior fixtures whilst continuing to race for his Championship side Eastbourne and the speedway authorities have now stepped in with their ruling.

Warriors’ co-promoter Barry Bishop said, “The BSPA have advised us that as Georgie has failed to ride in our recent meetings whilst still taking to the track for his senior club at Eastbourne, he has incurred a 28 day suspension which also applies to Eastbourne matches. Both clubs have been given a facility to cover his absence during this period, but in reality I think his season is at an end.

Our supporters will be aware that Georgie has been struggling with a back / neck injury over the past month or so and I believe it will benefit him to take a complete rest to help his wellbeing. Georgie is a talented rider and has ridden wonderfully well for us, but he is also a young man with a growing family to consider and I believe this break, albeit in unfortunate circumstances, is appropriate at this time. We wish Georgie a speedy recovery, will help if at all possible and hope he can come back stronger and fully focused in the future.

Fourth placed Warriors have two away fixtures left to try and achieve sufficient points for a top four play-off spot starting tomorrow at Stoke where Cradley rider Jack Smith is expected to cover for Wood with the other six Warriors primed for action after last night’s winning show against Leicester.


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