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Becoming part of the award winning set up at Smallbrook on the Island opens the door to a host of opportunities to assist the club or an individual rider as we all strive to be the best we possibly can.  Recognising that potential backers often bring a very unique set of skills and requirements, it is always our desire to work in tandem and be able to offer a complete range of sponsorship and commercial arrangements tailored to fit any budget aimed at providing the very best promotional coverage.  We hold our sponsors very dear and value the trust put in us, we love having them with us on race nights and promise to do our upmost to make any collaboration a two-way success.

Our excellent media team are expert in capturing videos and images that incorporate both the sport and sponsors promotional material and we share these through our Grandstand TV's on race nights, website, social media, local media, internet and traditional newspapers as well as leaflets aimed at the many summer holiday visitors.  From time to time the club and its backers have been the subject of special features on Meridian TV and in local publications, and are also prominent in the sport’s own weekly publication 'Speedway Star' which circulates around the world. 

It is a very expensive sport for the clubs and riders to remain competitive in, so any form of support we receive (either financial or otherwise) will be a huge boost as we set our plans in motion for the season ahead.

We would like to say a big thank you to all of our fantastic sponsors and advertisers who have been with us on our journey so far - please take a look at our commercial opportunities section below for more information and do get in touch with us via our CONTACT PAGE.  We would love you to join us.