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  • Rob Dyer

National League A.G.M. Report

NATIONAL League clubs have met to establish the structure of the third tier next season. And it’s confirmed eight clubs will come to the tapes - with the possibility of more joining before the fixtures are published. It is hoped the conveyor belt of young British riders will continue with teams building to a 36 point limit to encourage new riders to take advantage of competitive racing. IN SUMMARY: NATIONAL LEAGUE 2019: Belle Vue Colts, Cradley Heath, Isle of Wight, Kent, Leicester, Mildenhall, Plymouth and Stoke.

Possibility of further applicants.


Isle of Wight, Kent, Mildenhall and Plymouth

Potential of other clubs to join competition.

Fixtures to be compiled on 9 January and released at a similar time.

Cup draw will also be made at that time along with final decision on any added teams.

36 point limit for seven riders.

Two-points is now the minimum average for a rider, to bring this in line with the Championship.

Buxton will not participate in league racing but have been given permission to run open meetings. It is hoped that at least one NL shared event will go there. The National League members would like to acknowledge the hard work of the Moss family at Buxton down the years.

After the meeting, Warriors co-promoter Barry Bishop said, "Martin and I attended the NL AGM today in Rugby and while we may have not got what we as a club would have preferred I am pleased that as a league we have probably come away with an average which is both workable

and one which we hope falls into line with the higher leagues. While it was heart breaking for us all that Buxton has left the league there were many positives to come out of the meeting including new teams and other innovative ideas for the league, more of which to follow. We now accelerate our planning for 2019 with a renewed spring in our step as we recruit the Warrior team".


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