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  • Rob Dyer

Meeting Preview - National League Fours

One of the three major events in the National League calendar takes place at Stoke tomorrow evening when all eight clubs come together to contest the rather historically named ‘Four Team Tournament’.

To clarify, the eight league clubs split into two groups of four and each group consists of eight races with one rider from each team in each race. The top two in each group then progress to the four team final where there are twelve races with one rider from each team in each race.

Warriors have been matched with the hosts, Leicester and Cradley in a very competitive group and it will be down to the Island foursome of Georgie Wood, Ben Morley, Danno Verge and Chad Wirtzfeld to carry on the recent good league form into the fours format.

Kent, Mildenhall, Belle Vue and Plymouth will make up the second group.

National Development League Coordinator Jason Pipe, writing on Facebook said, “What a line up we have. I can’t even begin to pick a favourite out of this lot. The response to our sponsorship drive has been beyond my wildest hopes and I just know the fans are in for a brilliant night”.


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