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  • Rob Dyer

Chris Widman Completes the 2018 Wightlink Warriors

With news on social media saying fans favourite, Chris Widman was off to show his skills somewhere else in 2018, news that Widman the Warrior will return is sure to be welcomed from the Warrior fans. Chris, who runs his own butchers shop when he is not blasting around on the shale, completes the 2018 side and comes in on a 4.26 average.

Chris said, "It’s absolutely fantastic for me to be back with the Warriors next season. The place, the people and the atmosphere gives me a feeling that no other track gives me. Although last season I was battling against many factors, this year my home life will be more organised and knowing where I am next season, so early, I know what I've got to do to get ready for 2018."

Wightlink Warriors Co-promoter Barry Bishop added "The Widman family put the W into the Warriors and without Chris in the side it simply would not be the same. We have however, had a bit of fun on social media saying that Chris was going somewhere else, which I hope everyone enjoyed and thanks to all those who played along with us. Welcoming Chris back to the team, with his business now operational, I am sure we are going to see more of the season ending Chris Widman from the start right though the 2018 season. Chris needs to bolster his average and should be knocking on a heat leader’s door in 2018. Welcome home."


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