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  • Rob Dyer

Four More Exciting Names For The NICE Challenge

As well as attending to new rider recruitment for the Isle of Wight ‘Wightlink’ Warriors speedway team, their management group have been hard at work pulling together the many threads required to make the forthcoming NICE Challenge on 11 July an exciting and entertaining event.

To that end four more great riders have been added to the field and local fans will be delighted to know that both Georgie Wood and Danno Verge have accepted invitations to compete in this meeting where all the riders will draw lots to be issued with a standardised Jawa two value speedway engine specifically to be used in this one meeting.

Continuing the local connection will be former Wightlink Islander Paul Starke who was a regular in the Island team between 2012 and 2014. Indeed Starkey was a guest Warrior at Somerset in 2016. He is now a very accomplished performer in the Championship league and currently races for the ambitious Glasgow Tigers whilst often called upon to step up and cover for short-handed Premiership sides.

He will be joined by another seasoned Championship rider in the shape of the Cornish Express, Ben Barker. In fact Barker started this season with riding berths in both of the top two leagues and has now settled in the second tier at Scunthorpe where his harum-scarum style, often seen at Smallbrook in the past, is sure to have fans on the edge of their seats.

That leaves just four slots to fill with a further announcement due very shortly.


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