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2019 was the most successful season to date for the Warriors since they first took to the track in 2016.  The team competed in 21 home and 14 away meetings, finished just three points off a playoff position and scored more away points and league points than in any previous season.

Major honours were collected on track with victory in the Silver Ski Four Team Tournament along with Second place in the National League Four Team Tournament.  The club hosted a first in the UK, the NICE 2v Challenge which was an event where riders used standard engines drawn from a ballot before the meeting.  It was an international affair including riders from Australia, Denmark and Poland along with riders in higher UK leagues.  They also played host to the Oxford Cheetahs, who at the time were seeking to take control back of their stadium.  Sidecar racing returned to the Island as the club hosted the 1000cc British Sidecar Speedway Championships round 1, which provided something different for the fans.


The Wightlink Wizards entered the newly formed Midland and Southern Development League, a league designed to teach riders to race and was a perfect steppingstone for riders of the club’s My First Skid school having their first experiences of racing.  Continuing to use only riders from the school, the Wightlink Wizards finished on the rostrum in 3rd place, a truly remarkable result for the school students.

My First Skid continued to grow and gain further recognition throughout the sport.  The school hosted everyone from those living the dream through to seasoned professionals looking to test their equipment out, the age groups ranging from 4 – 78 and was a remarkable success finding more riders for speedway both adult and child.  School students took part in every meeting on the Island by taking to the track before matches to entertain the fans.

The Stadium continued its improvement with the media centre in the pits, TVs in the grandstand showcasing live racing, action replays, sponsors adverts and previous meeting footage.  The bowser was fully serviced and refreshed as well as many other items at the stadium from the track to the pits and much more.

The clubs profile and standing within speedway continued to grow and gain recognition, with the club being awarded the prestige titles of 'Community Club of the Year' for a second time and the 'Most Improved NDL Team'.


All in all, 2019 was another season the Warrior fans could be proud of. 

All meetings represented below are available to purchase on DVD.

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