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'Wightlink' Warriors At Plymouth Is Off

The planned speedway meeting at Plymouth on 17 October between the home side and the Isle of Wight ‘Wightlink’ Warriors has been cancelled amid fears of a rising Covid 19 trend in the West Country.

The Devon club successfully staged two meetings during September – one of which involved the Warriors as part of a three team tournament – where Covid 19 regulations were strictly observed, however the Plymouth club management have decided to cancel the two meetings they had planned for this month given current trends with the virus.

Plymouth co-promoter Mark Phillips said, ‘Despite the fact that we have confirmed with all relevant parties that regulation changes don’t prevent us from carrying on, we can’t hide from the fact that the national situation with Covid 19 has deteriorated significantly. Locally there are some increasing hot spots and we don’t want to be adding to those concerns in the City and its surrounds’.

Wightlink Warriors co-promoter Barry Bishop was in full support of his Plymouth counterpart as he said, ‘Mark and his team at The Coliseum have done wonderfully well to stage two fully compliant meetings with excellent feedback from all involved, however the Covid 19 situation has changed since we first discussed a full team meeting between the Gladiators and the Warriors. With the virus in that region now showing rising numbers I can fully understand the decision that has been taken and I know Mark would be devastated if an infection were to be traced back to the speedway.

So we are now at the end of a hugely frustrating road for 2020 nonetheless we continue to work tirelessly behind the scenes to develop and improve our club ready for the return of competitive action which we hope will be in the Spring of 2021’.


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