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Warriors Looking To Hammer The Cheetahs

Team speedway takes centre stage this Thursday (29 July) as the Wightlink Warriors entertain the Cradley Heathens and the Oxford Cheetahs in a three team tournament at the Smallbrook Stadium in Ryde.

This meeting will be the first time Warriors new team manager Steve Piper takes charge of his chosen quartet of riders, three of whom are well known names to fans of the home side. Danno Verge, Chad Wirtzfeld and Morgan Williams will be joined by the improving 21 year old Alex Spooner.

For local lad Williams (pictured) from Wroxall (IOW) it will signal another huge step along the road that has seen his rise from track raker to rookie rider and on to full team member. He is realistic enough to appreciate that he has a long way to go as he progresses up the racing ladder, but his willingness to listen, learn and apply advice is a testament to the dedication and progress he has displayed so far.

As to the visitors, riders with past and present Island connections abound with Nathan Stoneman and Ryan Terry-Daley back to represent Oxford, Scott Campos will be leading the Cradley assault alongside the very competent Luke Harris whilst Wightlink Wizards Jamie Sealey and Chris Watts also get competitive track action with appearances for Oxford and Cradley respectively.

Opening the show at 6.15 pm will be six heats of PeeWee and 125 cc racing, the main event will be under way at 7.00 pm and to add some nostalgia, teams representing engine manufacturers GM and Weslake will battle out an ‘Upright Challenge’ which will be integrated into the three team event. In total 27 races are programmed with the stadium opening at 5.15 pm with all the usual facilities open.

Wightlink Warriors co-owner Barry Bishop said, “I’m buzzing. The first of our Summer Spectaculars went almost exactly to plan and we had a great crowd who enjoyed a fun filled night packed with exciting racing and something for everyone. I can tell you it will be more of the same on Thursday with the added edge created by team racing. It will be fantastic to welcome back the management, riders and fans of our old friends from Cradley and Oxford as we do our little bit to support them in their efforts to keep the speedway flag flying in those former hot-spots”.

The line-ups:

Warriors: Chad Wirtzfeld, Alex Spooner, Danno Verge, Morgan Williams.

Cradley: Luke Harris, Chris Watts, Scott Campos, Patryk Daniszewski.

Oxford: Nathan Stoneman, James Laker, Ryan Terry-Daley, Jamie Sealey.


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