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  • Rob Dyer

Warriors Make An Early Change

The ‘Wightlink’ Warriors have made an early change in a bid to bolster the team’s fortunes with the introduction of Shaun Tedham who will take up a reserve spot. Shaun will come in to the team on a very good value 3.08 average and will replace Jamie Sealey.

‘Wightlink’ Warriors Team Manager Jackie Vatcher said, “It’s safe to say that after our initial win things haven’t gone to plan and the Warriors management, along with the riders, will do all in their power to return the team to winning ways. We aren’t pressing the panic button but after 4 matches we are conscious that we have lost twice at home we need to do something.

As a result, we are delighted to welcome Shaun Tedham to the team. Shaun will come in at number 6 initially replacing Jamie Sealey. Jamie’s fans need not worry too much as this extremely popular rider will remain with the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors in the number 8 spot and proudly lead the ‘Wightlink’ Wizards as planned. I know that the Warriors management are extremely grateful for Jamie’s work with the club and we will do all that we can to help him improve so that he is once again knocking on the door of the team. Please give Shaun a right royal Warrior welcome on Thursday.”

Shaun said of his new team, “Firstly, I would just like to say I’m delighted to join the Warriors. As soon as I got the call from Jackie Vatcher, I got on the phone to Ben Hopwood, as I’ve known him for over 10 years and he’s a good pal of mine. He had nothing but good things to say about the Warriors, so I jumped at the opportunity and spent all day yesterday at Ben’s workshop making sure my bikes were race ready. I'm hoping to make a positive impression this week, but I’ve not ridden since last year, so it may take me a few laps to get going but I know this is a make or break year for me. I feel I went stale at Stoke, I had spent too long at the club and over the last couple of years my personal life has got in the way of speedway but everything is balanced now, so I’m keen to get going and show the fans and management they made the right choice”.

‘Wightlink’ Warriors co-promoter Barry Bishop added, “That was one of the hardest decisions we have ever made. When you know you must do something and you know that one of our favourite riders is in line to be replaced, it is never easy. That’s why I am so proud that Jamie will continue to lead the ‘Wightlink’ Wizards and be the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors number 8, so that we can work more with him and he can push to reclaim the reserve spot.

We welcome Shaun to the side and hope that he can use his experience to help us boost the reserve position both home and away. He has always ridden well at the Island, so I hope that he can bring this with him and help us push up the league.”

Merseyside based Tedham (37) will debut against Mildenhall on Thursday evening at the Smallbrook Stadium when the Warriors continue with National Trophy group action.


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