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  • Rob Dyer

Speedway Warriors At Mildenhall – Third Time Lucky?

The Island’s speedway Warriors head off to Mildenhall for the third time this season on Sunday for their penultimate away league fixture of the season. The original meeting was cancelled at very short notice in June as a result of an electrical outage at the West Row stadium, whilst the second visit fell victim to bad weather.

Still keen to collect league points in the scramble at the foot of the table, Warriors task will be made more difficult this week as co-promoter Martin Widman explains. ‘For our third attempt at completing the Mildenhall away match, we will be without James Cockle, Scott Campos and Adam Portwood. The boys made us aware of prior commitments on this date a long time ago and it is just a shame that Sunday is the only date that Mildenhall can accommodate us with the season rapidly coming to a close.

As our meeting is the second match of a double header with Belle Vue Colts, Kyle Bickley from the Colts has kindly agreed to guest in place of James, William O’Keefe will fill Adam’s place at reserve and we will have the rider replacement facility for Scott’.

Mildenhall also have absences ahead of a busy day with injuries to Connor Mountain, Daniel Halsey, Luke Ruddick and Danno Verge making a final team declaration difficult for them at this moment in time.

Warriors: Kyle Bickley, Rider Replacement for Scott Campos, Connor Coles, Chris Widman, Ben Wilson, Jamie Sealey, William O’Keefe and No. 8 James Laker.


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