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  • Rob Dyer

The Yellow & Blue Wightlink Warriors Are Going Green

2018 was a fantastic year for the Wightlink Warriors winning two community orientated awards and in 2019 the club looks set to increase its community driven targets by going as green as possible to help improve the environment.

This year the club's internationally recognised food outlet, The Retreat, will deliver all its tasty meals and drinks in compostable cartons and cups as well as providing compostable cutlery. In addition to this The Retreat will offer a wash n store service for any fan that purchases a Wightlink Warrior or Wightlink Wizard mug or travel mug so that supporters don't need to worry about bringing their mugs to the stadium on race day.

The Wightlink Warriors Volunteer Coordinator and environment adviser Sandra Hinchliffe added, "Using compostable materials for our cups, cartons and cutlery means we can dispose of them knowing we are not harming the environment in any way. We will continue to look for further green improvements and we are sure that our fans will be delighted with this move to make the stadium and its facilities as green as they can be. Anyone with further green initiatives is very welcome to speak to me at our meetings so we can investigate further."

Wightlink Warriors Co-promoter Barry Bishop added, "I love the thought of the Wash n Store service, it reminds me of a pub I used to visit where the staff recognised me and my glass was always ready behind the bar. Now with the Wash n Store service, owners of Wightlink Warrior mugs and travel mugs can store them with us in The Retreat thus adding to the community feel while preventing unnecessary waste. I really like how the club is taking its environmental footprint seriously and we will continue to identify other areas where we can improve what we do for the benefit of all."


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