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  • Rob Dyer

Formula 2 Speedway To Be Trialled At Smallbrook

Fans of the Warriors and the Plymouth Gladiators will be treated to further speedway innovation at their home circuits when, for the first time, F2 speedway will be part of the show on some race days.

F2 equipment features bikes with unmodified 450cc petrol motocross engines with standard carburetion / fuel injection and ignition system. Warriors’ co-promoter Barry Bishop said, “F2 Speedway is the brainchild of former rider Pete Seaton who has been keen to find a way of controlling costs in what is an expensive sport. He has tested the bikes for a number of years at tracks across the country and after several discussions between myself, Gladiators promoter Mark Phillips and Pete himself we have decided to put F2 Speedway through the biggest test of all and bring meaningful F2 speedway racing to the fans at Plymouth and the Isle of Wight. I am sure that working with Pete will be brilliant as he is so enthusiastic to progress the development of F2 Speedway. It’s now time to see F2 in competitive action.” Mark Phillips said, “Barry and I discussed F2 while at the Golden Helmet meeting in the Czech Republic last year and agreed then that it was something we both wanted to take to the public to see where it could fit moving forward. Producti