• Rob Dyer

Meeting Preview - Kings v Warriors (NT)

Warriors head to Kent, the so called 'Garden of England', on Bank Holiday Monday (3.30 pm) but things are not rosey in the visitors garden after the calamities of last Thursday.

The injury to Ben Morley permits the use of a guest in the shape of Danny Ayres, whilst the injury to Scott Campos can only be covered by the Rider Replacement facility allowing Ben Hopwood, Danno Verge, Chris Widman and one of the reserves an extra ride. Youngster Connor King will be the guest reserve in place of Adam Portwood.

Kings: Luke Bowen, Anders Rowe, Nathan Stoneman, Taylor Hampshire, Jack Thomas, Nick Laurence, Alex Spooner.

Warriors: Danny Ayres, Danno Verge, Scott Campos R/R, Chris Widman, Ben Hopwood, Connor King, Shaun Tedham.


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