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  • Rob Dyer

Does Your Age Make You A Winner?

What if the Wightlink Warriors told you that your current age could make you a winner?

Well it can as the Wightlink Warriors today launch a weekly draw to allow free entry for anyone of a particular age. For example, if the draw is ball number 26, anyone who is aged 26 can enter the next meeting at the Smallbrook Stadium for free to watch speedway with the Wightlink Warriors.

Warrior’s co-promoter Barry Bishop commented, "We have been looking at new ways to inspire people to come along to watch speedway who otherwise might not come, whilst also offering the same benefit to our regular fans in what I hope will be a win/win. Most of us have friends in a similar age group so this weekly draw will allow groups of friends to come or people who have simply seen the draw. All we require is proof of age when you arrive and then guests can enjoy a night with us. We hope that once new fans feel the buzz and family fun around Smallbrook they will want to return and become Warriors or Wizards”.

The weekly draws will be live on the clubs Facebook page ‘Wightlink Warriors and Wightlink Wizards Supporters Club’ - so check in to see if your age is your lucky number.


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