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  • Rob Dyer

Hedgehog Racing Join Warriors Sponsorship Team

Hedgehog Racing has joined the Isle of Wight 2018 sponsorship team for the first time. The speedway equipment company based outside Oxford is the latest to back the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors and Wizards. Peter Russell from Hedgehog Racing said, “As an amateur speedway rider, I've always been involved around the grass roots of the sport. Riding with no sponsors, riding whilst holding down a job, using gaffer tape to repair the next hole in the kevlars, and hoping that rattling engine will hold out for one last race. It was always hard watching the others with sponsors, new bikes, new kevlars and vans full of spares. So when Barry and Hedgehog Racing came along with low cost but high quality race wear, there was no way I couldn't want to be a part of the team. It’s true to say that there is a tonne of riders who are just like I was. But now with Hedgehog Racing breaking in to the race wear market, everyone can afford the chance to ride, with new safety equipment. From the weekend slider, to the next Tai Woffinden. So please check out our Facebook page for gloves, boots, boot straps, and lots more. An