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  • Rob Dyer

Andrew Bourne & Co Renew and Expand Sponsorship

Leicester based Insurance Consultants Andrew Bourne & Co are back with the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors for a second season. The company, set up in 1985, provides an independent and professional insurance service across many sectors.

David Allen, Director at Andrew Bourne & Co (Insurance Consultants) Limited comments, “We’re delighted to continue our sponsorship of the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors for the second year and we’re already looking forward to what I’m sure will be an action-packed speedway season ahead. We were very proud to see the Warriors voted one of the best community clubs in the country at the World Speedway Riders’ Association awards final event last November and in our home town of Leicester too! I’m really looking forward to the start of the new season in April and to developing stronger ties with the local community, local businesses and club sponsors in 2018."

‘Wightlink’ Warriors Commercial Director Barry Bishop added, "It’s superb that Andrew Bourne & Co have not only continued but increased their sponsorship relationship with the club for 2018. We worked extremely hard over the last two years to make the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors the place to be, the club to follow and the family night out on the Isle of Wight and we fully plan to step this up for 2018. The club continues to grow, and this is in part because of how much we value the community and being integrated with it. We were extremely honoured and proud to have been nominated by the sport’s hierarchy for the community club of the year in 2017, but whilst awards are wonderful, what truly drives us forward is being able to deliver a fun packed family show where speedway is the major part, on budget, and where our community values us and what speedway brings to the Island's economy and life in general. Our friends at Andrew Bourne & Co not only want to support our club but value our vision too. Andrew Bourne & Co can also help you and our other sponsors to ensure that your insurances are right for you or your business. They certainly improved ours - if you need it then why not reach out to them and tell them a Warrior sent you, you never know you may get a discount! In the meantime, it gives me great pleasure to welcome back to the’ Wightlink’ Warriors 2018 Sponsorship team, Andrew Bourne & Co."

More details about Andrew Bourne & Co can be found at

More details about Andrew Bourne & Co can be found at

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