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  • Rob Dyer

Local Lad Becomes First 2018 Wizard

The ‘Wightlink’ Wizards have handed the first Southern Development League team spot to 20 year old Islander and My First Skid student Morgan Williams. Morgan, who only took up Speedway a year ago, said “I am exceedingly grateful for this opportunity. It is amazing to think that as recently as two years ago, I hadn’t even heard of speedway, despite living less than five miles from Smallbrook Stadium for every year of my life! I started riding a bike when the My First Skid School started on the island, and thanks to the dedication and knowledge of the instructors, I have progressed quickly. It will be an absolute dream to represent the island, as a Wizard, in the upcoming season of the SDL. I look forward to developing as a rider, and hopefully scoring some points for us in the process. I’ve seen how exposure to this league has helped develop riders such as Jamie Sealey throughout last season, and hope that I can progress in the same way.” Wizard’s co-promoter Barry Bishop said, “Martin Widman and I are delighted to announc