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  • Rob Dyer

Meeting Result - Wizards 15 v Carmarthen 21 (MSDL)

It was a night of mixed fortunes for the Warriors and Wizards with the Warriors delivering a tense and exciting win in their National League fixture whilst the Wizards suffered a reverse at the hands of Carmarthen.

Unfortunately the Wightlink Wizards couldn’t emulate the Warriors and slipped to a six point defeat at the hands of Carmarthen’s more experienced side. The match saw a multiple collision in its fifth race when Carmarthen’s all action Tim Colley got into difficulty on turn two and fell. Wizards Morgan Williams acted instantly to lay his bike down to avoid the stricken Dragon and with riders and machinery spread across the track Luke Barnes (Carmarthen) and Ben Ilsley (Wizards) were both able to get their bikes down to avoid the carnage in front of them. Those split second reactions undoubtedly helped rescue a very awkward situation and the three following riders should be applauded for their actions. Luckily no serious injury or damage was sustained.

After the meetings Warriors co-promoter Martin Widman said, "For the Wizards, it just didn’t happen. The Carmarthen riders very really sharp away from the tapes and as hard as the Wizards chased, the Dragons just carried too much experience for us. Congratulations to them on the win but we have a chance to put things right when we go to Plymouth to take on Exeter tomorrow.”


Wightlink Wizards: Jamie Sealey 3, Morgan Williams 4+1, Chris Watts 6 and Ben Ilsley 2+1.

Carmarthen: Joe Alcock 7, Tim Colley 1, Danny Woodward 6, Luke Barnes 7+1.

Next up for the Warriors and Wizards is a trip to Plymouth tomorrow (Friday 24 May). The Warriors will take on the Gladiators in the National Trophy whilst the Wizards meet Exeter in the Development League.


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