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  • Rob Dyer

RMR Products Make It Three In A Row

RMR Products are back with the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors in 2018 and will proudly once again make the club’s race jackets. Company Director Roy Miller said, “RMR Products are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the Isle of Wight ‘Wightlink’ Warriors with their race jackets in the 2018 season. That will mark the third season for us to be involved with the promotional team of the Warriors and we are proud to be onboard with such a terrific and dedicated team. We look forward to a successful season on and off the track in 2018, RMR Products are proud to be Warriors.” ‘Wightlink’ Warriors Commercial Director Barry Bishop added “The Isle of Wight ‘Wightlink’ Warriors would not be the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors without RMR Products race jackets, they’ve been part of the club from the start and I hope they will be with us way into the future. I have known Roy for a long time now and I am really proud of his support, which has now grown to help not only the Warriors but also the ‘Wightlink’ Wizards and My First Skid. Of course our jackets would be just jackets if it was not for the wonderful design work of Ian Groves from Sportography and our fantastic sponsors. It gives me great pleasure to welcome back RMR Products to the 2018 sponsorship team.”


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