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  • Rob Dyer

Loyal Supporters Continue Sponsorship

The Whitlock family are to continue their sponsorship of the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors into 2018. The family who run the track shop, 200 club and assist in so many aspects of the club have returned to continue with their heat sponsorship as have Jane Harvey and Graham Hewitt the dedicated couple who have been part of Team Warrior from the outset.

Colin Whitlock said, “It is a great pleasure and privilege to be able to sponsor such a well run club. I have been involved in speedway since my Romford Bombers days in the 70’s progressing through West Ham, Hackney and Arena Essex / Lakeside, then, after moving to the Island in 1999, supporting the Islanders until 2013. Since Barry and Martin resurrected the club, I have been involved with the Warriors and it’s great to be a part of this amazing set up”.

Graham Hewitt added, “To be part of the Warrior Way is so much more than being a speedway fan. It’s about working together to make our club a beacon for all speedway fans. To renew our sponsorship is to renew our belief in the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors”.

Warriors Commercial Director Barry Bishop said, “I am delighted to welcome back these fantastic people to our sponsorship team. The Whitlock’s’ are Island speedway to the core and they support everything the club does. Without the support of families like this, we would not be the club we are today and we would have a lot more to do each week, so it is doubly impressive that they have decided to extend their support of the club into sponsorship as well.

The same goes for Jane and Graham. They bring so much to the club and My First Skid. There are so many jobs that just happen and that’s down to them both. They come to every event, do countless jobs and their enthusiasm for what we are doing is second to none.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome back these dedicated people as 2018 ‘Wightlink’ Warriors sponsors”.


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