• Rob Dyer

Church Road Motorcycles Renew Sponsorship

Following on from highly productive working sessions at the Andrew Younie Smallbrook Stadium last weekend comes news that the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors have been boosted by the return of Adrian Wheeler and his team at Church Street Motorcycles in Ventnor. They join the growing number of local business sponsoring the Warriors in 2018. The arrangement coincides with Church Street’s newly announced deal for the Island’s premier motorcycle training school Pit Stop Training to run the Honda School of Motorcycling, which will use a fleet of brand new Honda machines.

Adrian said, "It's exciting times for us at Church Street Motorcycles and we are really delighted to be part of the Warriors and My First Skid in 2018. We have witnessed the family attraction of the Warriors, along with the great work in the community and the educational, fun and progressive speedway school they do. They are growing on the Island and on the UK speedway scene and we wanted to be part of that. Both Paul Spreadbury and I will be trying out our riding skills at My First Skid this year and we look to welcome any Warrior fans inspired to try two wheels on the road to train with Pit Stop and Honda."

‘Wightlink’ Warriors Commercial Director Barry Bishop added, "Adrian and the team at Church Street Motorcycles are a great asset to the club. Not only have they sponsored the club, we have promotional stands in their showroom and held a ‘find the speedway bike’ competition last year with them. Now we look forward to growing our relationship with the Warriors and My First Skid to see how these veterans of two wheeled track days cope with shale, methanol and no brakes. It's going to be great. It gives me real pleasure to be able to welcome back Church Street Motorcycles to the 2018 ‘Wightlink’ Warriors Sponsorship Team."

For more details go to churchstreetmotorcycles.co.uk