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  • Rob Dyer

Warriors No Longer Poles Apart

The NICE Challenge Comes To The UK With Standard Two Value 500cc Speedway Engines.

One of Polish Speedway’s most innovative challenges is coming to the Isle of Wight in a UK first when the NICE Challenge arrives on July 11th. The event, which uses uniform two valve 500 cc Jawa lay-down engines fitted into the riders own frames, is sure to attract a lot of attention at a time when there seems to be much discussion for reducing engine and running costs within the sport.

The NICE Challenge on the Isle of Wight is the first of several European events in 2019 to be backed by the international NICE organisation whose main business is based around home automation systems such as sliding gates and smart home products and who have been generous sponsors within league speedway in Poland for several years.

The UK event will see twelve riders draw lots and select a standard engine that must then be fitted into their frame. The engines are being brought from Poland especially for the event so there will be total equality for each competitor. Riders will have a short practice on their nominated engine and then it is on with the racing which is expected to take the form of a twelve heat individual event followed by semi-finals and final.

Wightlink Warriors Co-Promoter Barry Bishop who travelled to Gdansk to secure the meeting said, “Martin and I are absolutely delighted to be able to bring this innovative speedway meeting to the UK. In Poland, it is building momentum and I am sure there will be a lot of interest in the UK too. I am even more proud that we are able to start a relationship with NICE Polska SP to bring this to UK fans. There has been so much talk about e