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  • Rob Dyer

Coffee Competition To Perc Up The Fans

Ever creative, the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors are to launch their own coffee brand in time for the 2018 season which will be served from the Retreat snack bar at Smallbrook Stadium or can be purchased in 200gm bags at the track. The coffee, which was selected during a tasting session by club bosses Martin Widman and Barry Bishop, will be available in time for the Warriors and Wizards Press and Practise day on Easter Saturday March 31st.

Fans will be able to play a big part in the coffees success too. The club will have coffee bags for sale with all the riders on and it's the fans choice to see who will be the most popular flavour so will it be a Widman Espresso or a Sealey Americano or one of the other riders? Only the fans can decide.

Secondly and more importantly the club has continued its ethos of fan involvement by throwing open the coffees naming rights by way of a competition and the prize, you guessed it, is coffee for the winner and a pal at every meeting at the Andrew Younie in 2018. So, will it be Warriors Shale, Speedway Oil or Champion Coffee, who knows, but again the fans will have the answer. Over the next 10 days, fans are asked to email naming suggestions to and the management will announce the results in due course.

Julian Tomlinson from the Island Tea and Coffee Co. said, “The Island Tea & Coffee Co. are excited to embark on another year of our partnership with the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors and we are starting the season off with an exclusive. We believe the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors are the first team in the country to do this; we are proud to announce that you will be able to top up your energy ready for the excitement on race night with our exclusive Warriors Coffee, available from the Retreat café. The Warriors Coffee will be freshly roasted by our Master Roaster for each meeting, by The Island Tea & Coffee Co in Rookley. Now, you have a chance to win with the Wightlink Warriors and Island Tea and Coffee Co.’s name the coffee competition. Good luck to both the Warriors and Wizards in 2018.”

‘Wightlink’ Warriors Commercial Director Barry Bishop added, “Martin and I both love coffee and Martin prides himself on his choice of coffee machine in the Retreat citing he wanted us to sell “the best coffee in speedway”. Well, we have really gone for it this time, working with our friends at Betapak and the Island Tea and Coffee Co. to select the right coffee combination and machine to serve our fans the best coffee we can on race day.

Martin and I enjoyed a wonderful morning learning about roasting coffee, along with a tasting session and then we experienced our blends roasting first hand. It was a great experience. Now we cannot wait to read your suggestions for our coffee’s name and of course sharing a cup with you on race day.”


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