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  • Rob Dyer

Ryan Kinsley Takes Under 21 Semi-Final

It was a night to remember for Ryan Kinsley at the Smallbrook Stadium last night as the Scunthorpe rider won the British Under 21 Semi-Final hosted by the Warriors. A faultless six ride maximum secured top spot on the podium and he was joined by Jordan Palin (Belle Vue) and Anders Rowe (Somerset/Kent).

Kinsley made his intentions clear right from the off. His winning time of 70.4 seconds in heat one equalled the fastest time of the season at Smallbrook and his quick starts and obvious speed saw him well set for a rostrum place.

The other youngsters on track certainly didn’t hold back despite the varying levels of experience with at least eleven of the fifteen races producing incident in one form or another with one of those to suffer being Luke Ruddick who had made the long journey down from the North East. Steady scoring had earned him a semi-final slot on the night and a lightning start saw him lead his race but entering the last lap his engine spluttered allowing rivals Rowe and Alex Spooner to nip past. Inexplicably Ruddick’s bike then sprung back to life allowing him to finish, but third place was not enough and his body language amply showed the feelings of frustration and disappointment.

Home hopes rested with new Warriors Chad Wirtzfeld and Connor King. Wirtzfeld had a nightmare start, touching the tapes and earning a disqualification before picking up two third places, but he saved his best until last by passing former Warrior Jamie Bursill for a second place. King also had a difficult night despite a battling show. Two falls whilst trying to pass opponents and a good pass in heat nine meant just one point on the night with more experienced banked for use on another day.