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  • Rob Dyer

The Wightlink Warriors Welcome Ann Barrett

It's a story equal to any Christmas good news tale but for the Warriors this Christmas tale is no story……..

Ann Barrett has been a big speedway fan for many years and when speedway came back to the Isle of Wight she spent 2016 listening to the roar of the bikes through the back door or open window of her home because Ann could not get to the Andrew Younie Stadium due to mobility issues. Ann thought it would be the same thing for 2017, however, a chance posting onto a Facebook page where she outlined her plight started something incredible. Read Ann's wonderful story below.

In early season, Ann posted onto the Speedway Friends FB group about her difficulty getting to the stadium and then getting to the Warriors wheelchair viewing area. This post gained a lot of momentum and some FB users tagged Warriors co-promoter Barry Bishop on to the thread. Barry quickly contacted Wightlink Warriors sponsors Ryde Taxis to ask if they could help and get Ann to the stadium. Ryde Taxis duly obliged. However, as more and more people read about Ann’s story speedway fans from across the country started to contact the club to pay for Ann's entry and buy her merchandise from the track shop. Peoples generosity was really overwhelming and inspiring.

And ever since Ann has been a regular with the Warriors, she attended every social event, quickly got involved with the Vicki Bonner’s team, who put on displays at local shows on the club's behalf, in short, Ann very quickly became very popular and a real asset of the club. She even purchased Chris Widman’s pit board at the end of season party. As Ann's involvement increased, she made the club aware that she would like to become a sponsor in 2018. Today, the Wightlink Warriors can reveal that we are very proud to say that Ann has indeed become a sponsor of the Warriors in 2018. The sponsorship she has offered will help the club further improve the Wheelchair area (or Royal Box as Ann calls it) as well as a tyre sponsorship.

Talking of her sponsorship Ann said, "Oh Barry, it’s difficult to know what to say. I would like to sponsor the Warriors for being such a great club and all the people involved. Also, I would like to think that more people will be encouraged to come to speedway, as it is a wonderful family entertainment, which is accessible to all ages and capabilities. At every opportunity, I spread the word about the club and I am extremely proud to be involved in a small way in a sport that I have been passionate about for many years, and, in particular, this club and the "Warrior Way."

Warriors Co-promoter Barry Bishop added, "Martin and I are very proud of every company or individual that sponsors the Wightlink Warriors. It sends a message to us that they believe in what the club does and what it stands for. It also means that they believe in the vision that Martin, our team and I have for the club both on and off the track. However, this sponsorship is extra special, this sponsorship is one that the whole speedway community helped to happen, from those who purchased Ann's tickets, or bought her souvenirs from the track shop, our great friends at Ryde Taxis and all those who read Ann’s Facebook story and thought to tag me in, we say thank you. Thank you for introducing us to Ann, who is a remarkable lady and asset to our club. Ann, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 2018 Wightlink Warriors Sponsorship Team."


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