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  • Rob Dyer

Match Report - Devils 54 v Warriors 35 (NL)

The Warriors headed to Plymouth for their second away league match of the week with a patched up side as a result of the injury absences of Scott Campos, Chris Widman and Shaun Tedham.

In fairness, the home side were a solid septet and deserved their win, but the weakened Warriors battled hard throughout the meeting and were very unlucky with a succession of falls that affected most of their riders, especially Alfie Bowtell who came down in both heats 13 and 15 when giving it everything for more points.

A special mention for Danno Verge who had his best night in a Warrior race jacket, but even he succumbed to a fall in heat 9 when running a second place. By his own high standards Ben Morley will be a little disappointed even though he carded a handy paid nine.

Devils: Ellis Perks 12, Rider Replacement for Bradley Andrews, Henry Atkins 12+2, Richard Andrews 7+3, Ben Hopwood 9, Macauley Leek 1, Ryan Terry-Daley 13+2.

Warriors: Ben Morley 8+1, Rider Replacement for Scott Campos, Callum Walker 4+1, Danno Verge 9, Alfie Bowtell 11, James Laker 2, Connor Fletcher 1+1.


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