• Rob Dyer

Wizards 2019 Fixtures (Updated)

Here are the Wizards fixtures, released today:

Monday 22 April v Reading away at Swindon (follows Swindon v Ipswich)

Thursday 2 May v Exeter at home (follows Warriors v Plymouth)

Wednesday 15 May v Milton Keynes away at Birmingham (follows Birmingham v Eastbourne)

Thursday 23 May v Carmarthen at home (follows Warriors v Stoke)

Friday 24 May v Exeter away at Plymouth (follows Plymouth v Warriors)

Thursday 27 June v Weymouth at home (follows Warriors v Kent)

Wednesday 3 July v Birmingham away (follows Birmingham v Glasgow)

Thursday 4 July v Milton Keynes at home (follows Warriors v Cradley)

Thursday 8 August v Reading at home (follows Warriors v Mildenhall)

Tuesday 20 August v Birmingham at home (follows Warriors v Belle Vue Colts)

Thursday 22 August v Weymouth at Poole (follows British Youth Championship Round)

Saturday 31 August v Carmarthen away at Stoke (follows Stoke v Warriors)


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