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  • Rob Dyer

Baker Family Sponsorship Rolls On

The Baker family from Oxford are back with the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors for another season in 2018. The family, who travel down to the Island as often as they can, continue to strengthen their relationship with the club.

Stu Baker added, "We are proud to be back on board as sponsors in 2018 for a second year. I can't think of another club in all three leagues that even comes close in what the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors do in the community, for example My First Skid, which has gone from strength to strength, the 200 club and so many other activities. I am very proud that we have got our grandson involved in small way as a mascot when we visit from Oxford. I truly, just wished we lived nearer to the Island, as we would be more proactive.

The whole Warrior Family is fantastic, and our family intend to help, sponsor and support this club for many years. We have made so many friends over the past few years and everyone works so hard to promote this club in a fun way while also working as hard to prepare the track for race day. Let's have a super 2018 and we will catch you trackside during the season."

'Wightlink' Warriors Commercial Director Barry Bishop said, "I have said it many times before that sponsorship should be available to anyone who wants to become a Warrior or Wizard for the season with us and as a club, we value our sponsors and fans massively. It is not only the financial support that sponsors bring but also the knowledge that they believe in the Warrior Way so much they are prepared to help the club even more. The Baker family are amazing, they travel down from Oxford, participate in most social events, support the club's fund-raising activity and are extremely positive about what we do and how we do it and that is why this sponsorship means so much to our club. It gives me great pleasure to welcome back The Baker Family to the 'Wightlink' Warriors in 2018."


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