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  • Rob Dyer

Meeting Result - Warriors 39 v Mildenhall 51 (NL) & Wizards 23 v Reading 13 (MSDL)

The Isle of Wight teams had mixed fortunes in last night’s league action as the depleted Warriors fought valiantly to match the much stronger Fen Tigers whilst the Wizards turned in an impressive performance to see off a useful Racer quartet.

Warriors went into this meeting on the back foot. With Danno Verge sidelined because of concussion protocols following his spill at Kent on Monday, the home side were dealt a massive blow when high scoring Georgie Wood called off around 11.00 am having failed to respond sufficiently to early morning treatment on neck and back problems. With time against them, and despite rigorous efforts, the Warriors management failed to secure a guest replacement for Wood and were forced to introduce junior rider William O’Keefe for a baptism of fire.

The meeting opened with a fair splattering of rain and as if this was an omen, the Warriors bad luck did not stop there because they lost Scott Campos after a spectacular fall in heat 5. Campos was clearly shaken by the impact of the fall and his absence for the remainder of the match left effectively home four riders to tackle a Mildenhall side that made full use of the facilities available to them to cover for two of their missing riders.

Tracking Island specialists Danny Ayres and Nathan Stoneman plus the rejuvenated Henry Atkins, Mildenh