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  • Rob Dyer

Fitness No Fad For Warriors & Wizards

The ‘Wightlink’ Warriors and Wizards will receive the support and coaching of BAYFitness owner David Bird for the 2018 season in a move that the club hope will reap benefits for both the riders and the teams. The riders will now be able to capitalize on David’s knowledge for fitness and nutrition which is such a vital part of any speedway riders’ success.

David Bird from BAYFitness said, “I am delighted to have been chosen to support both the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors and ‘Wightlink’ Wizards speedway teams with advice and guidance on better health and nutrition to support them achieve their goals on the bike.

With the riders having to travel many miles to represent the Island, BAYFitness will be providing a detailed fitness regime, diet schedule and healthy lifestyle hints and tips. This will include a 24/7 online support portal to get the teams fitter, stronger and better prepared than ever before for the long season ahead! Let’s do this - The Warrior Way”.

‘Wightlink’ Warriors Co-promoter Barry Bishop added, “We have been talking to David for some time now about how we could make use of his skills to support the riders further because off track fitness and wellbeing play a much greater role in the lives of successful speedway riders than ever before. When David launched BAYFitness we felt it was the right time to engage with him to work with our teams to help them be the best they can be. David will be on hand to provide support on fitness, diet and general wellbeing and we will look to monitor the teams over the season with a view to stepping this up a level in the coming months and seasons. It gives me great pleasure to welcome David Bird and BAYFitness to the 2018 ‘Wightlink’ Warriors and Wizards.”

For more information on BAYFitness, click the link below to access their Facebook page.


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