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  • Rob Dyer

The Wightlink Warriors Welcome Back Alan Critcher

The ‘Wightlink’ Warriors are proud to welcome back Alan Critcher to the 2018 Warriors sponsorship team for the third season on the bounce.

Talking of his renewed sponsorship Alan said, “Whilst I have not been able to attend so many home meetings during the 2017 Season, I have always kept up to date on the happenings through various means. The Club continues to keep going forward, with such positive "Promotion" which is so refreshing in the current climate, when others seem to turn inwards and not really consider the long-term future of the sport.

To read, how "My First Skid" continues to flourish and attract new students month on month, is such a delight and to add that there are a few lady students, who are continuing to improve, brings me particular satisfaction. On this subject, it was a highlight of my 2017 season, to bring Carley Gittus and Hayley Perrault over to the Island, to "match" race each other, at Smallbrook Stadium. It was such a pity, that they were not allowed to participate in the "Pairs Meeting" by higher authorities but it was also such a treat for fans and female motorsport to see these riders on the biggest track in the UK.

With many happy memories from my previous association with racing on the Island, I am delighted to be a small part of this continuing success story, thanks to Barry, Martin and ALL of the loyal members of Team Warrior. Long may it continue!!!”

‘Wightlink’ Warriors Commercial Director Barry Bishop added, “I am absolutely delighted to welcome back Alan to the 2018 sponsorship team. Alan has followed our return to the sport and has been a welcome adviser when needed and a forward thinker of how we can evolve the speedway family show that we have on the Island. With 2018 a critical year in our story, both on and off the track, it is great to have Alan in our camp and access to his considerable knowledge and experience. It gives me great pleasure to welcome Alan Critcher back to the Warriors in 2018.”


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