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  • Rob Dyer

'Wightlink' Warriors Welcome Steve Williams

More great sponsorship news for the Island speedway team as Steve Williams, a lifelong speedway fan from Ellesmere Port, becomes the first new sponsor to be announced for the Wightlink Warriors in 2018 and it shows that the Warrior Way really does stretch across the UK and beyond.

Talking of his first year of sponsorship with the 'Wightlink' Warriors Steve said, "As a fan of all speedway, I was starting to worry about the way British speedway was going. Then, I found the Warriors, where the tremendous efforts being put into the club show that there are still people out there who care enough to put the work in and that the future of British speedway can still be great. In my own very small way I had to support that." 'Wightlink' Warriors Commercial Director Barry Bishop said, "I am absolutely delighted to welcome Steve to the club. This new sponsorship for 2018 is really important to us all as it is a reflection on what we have all achieved at the Andrew Younie Stadium over the last two seasons. It shows that positivity and belief in what you are doing really does reach right across the country.

Steve didn't need to get involved with the Warriors, he is closer to many other clubs than ours, but Steve got involved because he shares our vision and positivity about speedway and the wonderful sport we are caretakers of. We really do have a tremendous relationship with our sponsors because they see the fruits of their investment at our school (My First Skid), in the community and on track during race day. This is the way forward. It gives me great pleasure to welcome for the first time to the 'Wightlink' Warriors in 2018, Steve Williams."


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