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  • Rob Dyer

Meeting Result - Eagles 56 v Warriors 34 (NT)

Two weeks ago the Eagles inflicted a thirty point defeat on the Warriors in the Knock-Out Cup. Tonight the Warriors returned to East Sussex for a National Trophy fixture and despite the adverse score line, were not disgraced eventually going down by twenty two points to a determined home side.

Warriors went into the meeting having to operate the Rider Replacement facility for injured skipper Ben Hopwood who sustained knuckle damage when hit by an object thrown up from the track in heat 15 last Thursday and inevitably the meeting proved to be an uphill challenge for the visitors.

Warriors co-promoter Barry Bishop said, “Ben Morley again rode superbly and took the fight to the Eastbourne racking up 17 points, but the Eagles riders rarely squander their home track advantage and so it proved again tonight”.

Eagles: Mark Baseby 9+1, Kelsey Dugard 5+2, Tom Brennan 13, Charley Powell 6+3, Georgie Wood 8, Jason Edwards 10+2, Charlie Brooks 5+2.

Warriors: Ben Morley 17, Danno Verge 5, Scott Campos 5, Chris Widman 3+1, Ben Hopwood R/R, Adam Portwood 1+1, Shaun Tedham 3, Jamie Sealey (No.8) DNR.


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