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  • Rob Dyer

Meeting Result - Wizards 23 v Milton Keynes 13 (MSDL)

For the second successive home meeting, the Warriors & Wizards delivered a fine pair of convincing victories beating Cradley in speedway’s National League and Milton Keynes in the Development League.

Following the main meeting the Wightlink Wizards took to the track for their encounter with Milton Keynes still missing Jamie Sealey following a bout of illness so James Luckman made up the quartet who faced a severely depleted Knights side who borrowed Warrior Connor King and Wizard Steph Whitlock to fill their muster. Not surprisingly King took three convincing wins but with little back up the Wizards cantered home for a league double and a second successive home win in the Development League. Those two league points now see Wizards as joint leaders of the Development League.

Warrior’s co-promoter Barry Bishop was very pleased with the work of both of his squads as he said, “Another great night for both our teams and a landmark for the club as we see the Warriors have climbed to the top of the National League and the Wizards now sit joint top of the Development League. That makes me so proud and it’s happened on a night where we have given our best and most cohesive performance of the season. I wondered before the meeting how well our boys would cope with the new riding order, but it was no problem. Every one of them buckled down and turned in a very polished performance.I could say exactly the same about the Wizards. They are working so well together, James Luckman slotted in seamlessly and Morgan Williams delivered what I think is his best performance to date. I really love the Wizards – they too make me so proud”.


James Luckman 3+2, Morgan Williams 8, Chris Watts 7, Ben Ilsley 5+3.

Milton Keynes: Steph Whitlock 0, Sam Boon 4, Connor King 9, James Spencer 0.


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