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  • Rob Dyer

John Carpenter Speedway & Grasstrack Spares Makes It Three In A Row

No sooner than Warriors promoting duo of Barry Bishop and Martin Widman had left the very successful speedway reception at The Houses of Parliament on Wednesday it was confirmed that John Carpenter Speedway and Grasstrack Spares has agreed to return for a third year of sponsorship with the Wightlink Warriors in 2018.

The company that supplies the sport with a range of machinery, spares, consumables and safety equipment is located in Ipswich and online at Commenting on the sponsorship John said, "I am very pleased to agree to a third successive year of air fence sponsorship with the Warriors for 2018. I thoroughly enjoyed the two meetings we attended this year, proudly sponsoring one and I loved every minute. With the Wightlink Warriors, it's a great family night out and it's great to see all the children involved. The food & facilities were great too. I can honestly say that the sponsorship works as it has brought in new and returning customers, including orders for complete bikes to be used by new riders at My First Skid, so I am really pleased with the coverage we get with the Warriors. Can't wait for 2018!"

Barry Bishop added, "I am thrilled that John is back with the Warriors for 2018. I have known John for a long time now and he has been around speedway for as long as I can remember, so the fact that he chose to sponsor the Warriors is just brilliant. What's even better is that every season John comes to the Warriors at least once and normally for his sponsored meeting too. He offers us feedback and help in many areas and has truly become part of the Warrior Way. John, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you back to the Warriors for 2018."


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