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  • Rob Dyer

Warriors Speedway Appoint Volunteer Coordinator

The ‘Wightlink’ Warriors yesterday introduced a new member to the management team of the club, Sandra Hinchliffe. Sandra, who has a vast amount of experience working with many voluntary organisations, will take up the position of Volunteer Coordinator.

Sandra said of her new position, “I love speedway and the buzz generated since the return of the team in 2016 has been terrific. The volunteers at the Warriors are an amazing group of friendly, dedicated people who really help make a trip to speedway a great value, fun filled evening out. As the club continues to grow and succeed, so does the team of people behind it. I am really looking forward to helping Barry and Martin co-ordinate the activities of all of our volunteers and arrange support where needed. I am also very keen to grow our volunteer base and I will be happy to chat to anyone who would like to help the club – living on the Island I know that we have a whole raft of people here who have a multitude of skills that could make a positive contribution to the development of the Warriors and Wizards so if anybody would like more information please feel free to get in touch by emailing . I’ll be delighted to hear from people”.

Warriors co-promoter Barry Bishop added, “Martin and I are extremely grateful of the volunteer support that we have with the Warriors and we are very aware that we rely on those who want to be part of the clubs continued success on and off the track by offering their help. As a club, we do as much as we can in the community, track and stadium improvement, race day team, shows, My First Skid

as well as all the normal track preparation requirements, and it is our volunteer team who step up and take the responsibility to support the club doing this. So it is vital to us that our volunteers feel valued, coordinated and their time is put to good use, and Sandra will help us improve this. Sandra has a wealth of experience which will help the club be more efficient, more coordinated, more together, which combined means more fun. Now we cannot wait to get started, welcome to the team Sandra.”


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