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  • Rob Dyer

Meeting Result - Cradley 47 v Warriors 43 (NL)

The Warriors ran the Heathens close in tonight’s National League match. They fully earned the valuable away point in an entertaining meeting with both teams able to claim misfortune at one point or another.

Cradley’s scoring was subdued by falls whilst the Warriors number 1 Georgie Wood suffered two engine failures whilst in good scoring positions bringing to an end his totally frustrating night .

Warrior’s co-promoter Barry Bishop said, “Our riders did the Island proud. In fact on another day we could have returned with even more league points but it was not to be and we now look forward to reversing the roles on Thursday when the Heathens visit us”.

Cradley: Max Clegg 15, Tom Spencer 3, Danny Halsey 10, Luke Harris 4+3, Jack Smith 8, Sheldon Davies 4 and Harry McGurk 3+1.

Warriors: Georgie Wood 8, Chris Widman 0, Ryan Terry-Daley 4+2, Danno Verge 8+2, Ben Morley 12, Chad Wirtzfeld 7 and Connor King 4+2.


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