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Third Time Lucky For Island Masters 3

With two weather ruined attempts to decide the outcome of the Island Masters Speedway Series now fading memories, fans of the Wightlink Warriors get what everyone hopes will be the highlight of some thrilling high-speed action in 2021, as the third and final round of the Championship takes place at the Smallbrook Stadium in Ryde this Thursday (14th October 2021) at 7.00pm. In addition, the Pee Wee and 125cc riders will also be out on track pre-meeting and the Wightlink Wizards will take on Crayford Kestrels in a six heat development style mini-match.

The Island Masters will play out over twelve qualifying heats, C B & A Finals plus a ‘winner-takes-all’ Super Final. Series sponsors Foxbury Motors and Grasstrack Banter Promotions will on hand to witness the action as competitors seek to stake a claim of the healthy prize pot - a fact not overlooked by the series regulars who have shown fantastic commitment to the event. Whilst Andrew Appleton (pictured) has a one point lead in the series so far, the destination of the Masters title is not at all clear cut with a host of grass track specialists (including Wirtzfeld, Kennett, Wright, Powell and Shanes) queuing up to make their mark on the meeting and secure a place in the Super Final.

Wightlink Warriors co-owner Barry Bishop said, “What a last night we have in store for everyone coming to Smallbrook on Thursday. I think this is the most excited I’ve felt all season. The weather is set fair thank goodness, the Masters title is on a knife edge, the youngsters are raring to go for one last blast this summer and the Wizards are desperate and determined to sign off with a win. And it will all be under the lights to add to the theatre of the occasion so I would urge everyone to come to Smallbrook for the final time in 2021, enjoy some special action and see the season out with a bang - literally”.

The Island Masters line-up in draw order: Barry Coates, Chad Wirtzfeld, Andrew Appleton, Charley Powell, James Wright, James Shanes, Aaron Shubert, A.N.Other, Nigel Coates, Eric Pike, Edward Kennett, Dean Cutler.

Aggregate scores are calculated on a point’s basis with round winners awarded 12 points down to twelfth place with 1 point. After the first two rounds the aggregate scores are:

Andrew Appleton 20, Tony Atkin 19, Chad Wirtzfeld 18, Rob Fortune 16, James Wright 12, Nigel Coates 11, Jacob Bukhave 11, Edward Kennett 11, Eric Pike 9, Charley Powell 7, Mitch Godden 6, Dean Cutler 6, Ben Phillips 4, Barry Coates 3, David Hollingsbee 2, Bill Haynes 1.

Wightlink Wizards: Jamie Sealey, Morgan Williams, Jamie Evans, Sam Peters

Crayford Kestrels: Chris Watts, Roksana Brzeska, Keith Cornell, James Laker


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