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NORA British Upright Championship 2022

The NORA British Upright Speedway Championship comes to Smallbrook Stadium in 2022. This brand new event will see two, eight rider qualifying rounds (30th June and 21st July) each featuring different riders with the top six from each qualifier competing in the Grand Final on 11th August. Depending on the riders scores on Finals night, they will then race-off in C, B and A finals with a ‘winner takes all’ A final determining the outright champion.

The Championship co-ordinator Lee Coleman said," I am really pleased to be associated with the Wightlink Warriors and proud to help behind the scenes with the British Upright Speedway Championship.

The Upright category is attracting more and more interest and this is an exciting opportunity for all the Upright riders to race for a National title on the Island. In fact I wish it was happening a few years ago as I’d have entered myself!

Any Upright Speedway riders out there wishing to take part can drop me a message via my Facebook page, or email and we’ll be in touch!"

Wightlink Warriors co-owner Barry Bishop added, "Last years upright racing was very well received by the fans and riders alike, so we are thrilled to extend our initial taste of upright racing to bring forward the NORA British Upright Speedway Championship and whilst I can’t announce just yet who has requested to participate I am sure speedway fans are going to be delighted."


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