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Nora 92 Speedway League Almost Upon Us

The Nora 92 Speedway League featuring teams representing Plymouth, Cradley, Isle of Wight and Sittingbourne will start in just a few weeks.

However, due to unprecedented pressure from the Speedway Control Bureau, Plymouth promoter Mark Phillips has informed the Nora 92 League that it cannot hire the Coliseum stadium, so Nora 92 League meetings will not be taking place there, at the moment. Whilst this is massively disappointing, Mark Phillips has been placed in an unenviable position and those in the Nora 92 League would not want him to receive any punishment from the SCB/BSPL for staging Nora 92 League racing.

An additional downside to the decision is that not running Nora 92 League meetings will affect Mark’s 2023 bottom line, when in reality there are many tracks staging Nora activity across the country.

How does this affect the Nora 92 Speedway League? As mentioned above, the league will still be made up of four teams each comprising four riders with a Nora assessed combined total average of 25 points. The league will become a four-team tournament competed over four rounds, two at Sittingbourne (Iwade) and two on the Isle of Wight with an additional Nora League Riders Championship held over 2 rounds, 1 at each track.

Here are the proposed fixtures.

Sittingbourne (Iwade)

May 21st N92L

June 4th N92L

Aug 20th N92L Riders Championship

Isle of Wight

June 29th N92L

August 17th N92L

September 7th N92L Riders Championship

In the light of recent developments, the 2023 fixture list previously issued by the ‘Wightlink’ Warriors Shale Track Racing Club is currently being revised and will be re-issued within the next 24 hours.


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