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New Development Team Announced With Fans Invited To Suggest A Nickname

The Wightlink Warriors have embraced the success of My First Skid by creating a second development team to provide competitive action for riders at the Wightlink Wizards level of progress and fans now have an opportunity to win a special prize by suggesting a nickname for the new side.

Wightlink Warrior’s co-owner Barry Bishop explained, “The Wizards have become an established part of our club, offering up-and-coming riders a chance to be involved in proper team matches on race nights. Most of our Wizards have progressed from My First Skid which has been very successful in attracting new riders to the sport. We have now reached a stage where we have enough riders to track two teams of Development League standard and we plan to take this forward in 2022.

After much discussion between Martin (Widman), Kev (Shepherd) and myself we have settled on the riders who will line up for the Wizards and our new team and the riders will be:

Wizards: Michael Austin, Vinny Branch, Jamie Sealey (pictured), Sam Peters, Steph Whitlock.

New Team: Jamie Evans, James Laker, Wayne Parker, Anastasia Sallee, Morgan Williams.

Many of those names will be familiar to Smallbrook regulars however we are delighted to introduce newcomers Michael, Vinny and Wayne. Michael and Vinny are both from motorcycling backgrounds with road racing, trials, moto X and grass track experience. Wayne is returning to speedway after some time away. All three have been showing super progress week on week and we think we have balanced the sides to ensure the on-track action will be meaningful and exciting. If people are wondering about Chris and Rob Watts, we have spoken to both lads who are super keen, however other commitments could make regular appearances tricky – that said Chris is definitely going to do other meetings at Smallbrook having already been confirmed as one of the Cradley squad for the three-team tournament.

I must also thank long-standing supporter Kay Richardson. To add a little good-natured spice to the matches between our two development sides, they will be competing for a trophy to be presented to the winning team by Kay in memory of her late husband Michael who was such a staunch supporter of speedway on the Island and who offered non-stop encouragement to those riders looking to make their way in the sport.

We now need to find a catchy nickname for our new side, and we are inviting supporters to come up with their ideas. We will award an appropriate prize to the supporter whose suggestion captures our values and the excitement we believe in, and I have asked our Press Officer Rob Dyer to co-ordinate replies. Please forward your submissions to him by email using Closing date midnight 14th March 2022.”


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