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Chad Wirtzfeld Heads West To Plymouth In 2020

Just a week after announcing that there would be no speedway on the Island in 2020 comes news that six or seven tracks are hopeful of running a mini-season at weekends. The meetings will be classified as being at a development level and will operate subject to approval from the sport’s governing body whilst fully respecting national and local regulations for the safety of all participants and spectators.

With the Warriors opting out of 2020, ambitious Dorset rider Chad Wirtzfeld has leapt at the chance to link up with the Plymouth Gladiators for what is likely to be a short season from August to October. The agreed arrangement is that he will return to Smallbrook for 2021 on his current 3.81 average.

Warriors’ co-promoter Barry Bishop said, “Sadly the cost and risks involved in running speedway on the Island at this time just don’t add up. Fellow National League sides Kent and Mildenhall have also taken this view, however a few tracks feel that they can fall in line with prevailing legislation and guidelines and have agreed to form a short league – full details of which are still being ironed out.

With Plymouth needing to change their team plans and wanting to run, Chad has been given the opportunity to get on track at the Coliseum – the Devon venue that is so very different in size to Smallbrook. It is a fantastic development opportunity for him and hopefully the Warriors will be able to reap the rewards in 2021”.


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