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British Speedway A.G.M. Summary

The British Speedway Promoters AGM has concluded with a firm intention to resume racing in May and implement a definitive five year development plan with an emphasis on bringing through young British talent via the Premiership and Championship leagues.

For 2021, teams in these top two tiers will now be obliged to track at least one British ‘rising star’ in their line-up with that number rising to two from 2022 onwards.

The AGM press release can be found here

With the top two league structures now agreed, teams will be working flat out to finalise their line-ups and it has just been announced that the Wightlink Warriors skipper Ben Morley will be a new addition to the Kent Kings Championship side. It is hoped that Morley will also be able to continue in the third tier of racing with the Wightlink Warriors.

Warriors co-promoter Barry Bishop said, “It goes without saying that we are still in challenging times and many factors remain fluid, nevertheless the Board and main league promoters are confident of getting the go-ahead for everyone to be on track in May with the new youth dynamic being a welcome positive step for the future of British Speedway. Now that the structure of the top two levels is known Martin and I will be working with our fellow promoters and the League Co-ordinator to formulate the next steps for the Wightlink Warriors in the National League and will give an update as soon as possible.

With regard to Ben, he has been given a fantastic opportunity to help launch Championship speedway at Kent, a track on which he has produced amazing results in the past. We wish him all the best and I am sure he will be a real asset to them, that said we are very hopeful that we will see him back at Smallbrook to lead the Warrior charge in 2021”.


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