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British Ladies Championship Hopeful Says 'Men Don't Like Being Beaten By Women'

Time to meet another rider aiming to compete in this season’s NORA British Ladies Speedway Championships and today we feature Katie Gordon from Knutsford in Cheshire who will be 18 when the meetings take place.

Katie, who has built up quite a fan following over the past couple of seasons, started racing on the grass tracks aged 9. Progression to a 125cc speedway bike followed and at 15 she had her first outings on a pukka 500cc bike. The invitation to be the Belle Vue Aces mascot was too good a chance to miss and to be able to ride at the National Speedway Stadium regularly was the stuff of dreams.

A familiar face at many northern circuits, 2022 will also see Katie on track in competitive action at Redcar having been welcomed back into the Redcar Cubs squad that will race in the Northern Junior League.

So why be a female racer in a male dominated sport? Katie explains, “I love the adrenaline and the thrill I get when I race my speedway bike and I enjoy going up against the men. That might seem unusual to some, and men definitely don’t enjoy being beaten by women, but it is a great way to improve and making progress is one of my main aims for this season.

It's for that reason that I want to do the Ladies Championship on the Isle of Wight. With relatively few girls riding we rarely race each other, and it will be really interesting to see how closely matched we are. I’m excited to be going there for the first time, it’s a big track with great promoters and I can’t wait to get involved. Let the best woman win!”


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