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Days Gone By is a series of "old time" speedway DVD/VHS videos made up from Cine film.  There are 11 volumes covering periods from 1930-1980's from Portsmouth to Edinburgh and Exeter to Newcastle.  Can you help us keep these memories alive?  If you have any old cine film, no matter how long or short, any rider, club or year, give us a call on 01323 469105.
Vol 1
Rye House gold cup
with Joe Owen 1976
1967 worlld final
1973 world final
1978 world final
Rayleigh v Canterbury 1968
Canterbury v Rayleigh 1968
West Ham 1970?
Plymouth v Romford
Hackney v WestHam
Belle Vue & Oxford
Vol 2
1974 world championship
story incl Germany, Wembley and Sweden
Hackney various 1960’s & 70’s
Rye House
Barry Thomas v Dave Jessup
Eastbourne v Romford 1969
Vol 3
Crewe v Rayleigh
England v Chezch (Crewe 69)
Peterborough v Crewe cup final
Romford v Crewe
Rayleigh various
Eastbourne v Rayleigh 1972
Canterbury v Rayleigh 1972
Rye House v Romford 1970?
Boston 1970
Vol 4
Boston v Long Eaton 1972?
Ipswich v Weymouth 1964
Newport 1967?
Eastbourne 1980
Portsmouth 1930’s
Vol 5

Mildenhall v Rye House 79
Boston Rye House 79
Rye House v Elle’mre Prt 79
Wemouth v p’Boro 79
Eastbourne v Hull 79
Hull v Swindon 79
Exeter v Cradly Heath 79
Vol 6

Long Eaton v Mildenhall 79
Birmingham Indoor 80
Holden Long Track 79
Rye House v Ellesmere Port 79
Vol 7

Castleford v Belle Vue 80
Swindon Ashby Test 79
White City Commonw’th 79
England v USA Wim 80
Canterbury Brit Junior 79
4TT final 1979
World final Sweden 80
Vol 8

Great Yarmouth & Norwich 1949-64 (30 mins)
Eastbourne v Boston 1972
Wimbledon v Belle Vue 72
Eastbourne v Workington 73
Eastbourne v Workington 74
Workington v Eastbourne 76
Wokington v Eastbourne 78
Vol 9

Canterbury v Italy 79
Ellesmere Port v Red Star 80
Peter Collins Test 80
Tony Davey Test 80
Weymouth v Newcastle 80
Exeter v Newcastle 80
Wolverhampton v Swindon 80
Birmingham v Hull 80
Vol 10

Action from Cowley in 74 as the Rebels ride against Swindon, Hackney and Exeter 
Blunsden as the Robins take on the Rebels 74 Crewe 71
Eastbourne v Rochdale
Berwick, Sunderland
Ipswich from 71
Sunderland v Eastbourne from 72 
The USA from the late 60's 
Ipswich v Weymouth 64
Kings Lynn 66
Rye House from 64
Newport (Somerton Park) from 67 as England take on the USSR 
Newport v Sheffield 68
GB v Sweden again from the 60's
Vol 11

Berger Paint Grand Prix QR from Eastbourne 1980 
Rayleigh v Eastbourne 1971
Canterbury v Rayleigh
Rayleigh v Canterbury 1968
Weymouth v Nelson 1968
Great Britain v USSR from West Ham
Exeter 1968
West Ham v Newcastle 1968
Hackney v West Ham 
WCQR 1968
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