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Grasstrack Section Image On Speedway Portal



Sunday 25th September 2016


The SPEEDWAY  PORTAL team were in attendance throughout the day, working alongside BOB RUFFLE to capture all the action on

multi-cameras.  2 cams for on track action, both start cams and a roaming pits cam for behind the scenes footage.  The meeting is now available to stream below time and time again right here in the WimborneMCC Grasstrack media page on SPEEDWAY  PORTAL.  Recorded and produced in full 1080p High Definition, including interviews, race commentary, replays, full rider graphics, music and behind the scenes footage.  For those wishing to purchase the DVD version of the event, please contact BOB RUFFLE to place your order.

The SPEEDWAY  PORTAL speedway bike was also on show inside the PORTAL awning which was very popular with many young fans sitting on the bike taking lots of images.  Large screen action footage from various SPEEDWAY  PORTAL filmed events was also shown, along with many flyers, cards and wristbands given out throughout the day.  It was a very successful day all round, with an excellent run meeting and great comments from all the riders regarding the condition of the racing track.

SPEEDWAY  PORTAL wishes to thank IT ROCKS MARKETING for authorising

use of all the Grasstrack images seen here on the PORTAL.

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