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Q = Is SPEEDWAY  PORTAL really free?

A = Yes, totally free.  At no point has or will there be a charge for the user to use SPEEDWAY  PORTAL.


Q = How often is it updated?

A = We aim to provide new original productions on a nearly daily basis during the season and weekly in the off season.

Q = Where has SPEEDWAY  PORTAL got the videos from?

A = We work directly with the SGB, Clubs and Riders to bring new official productions, and also have many other production companies within the sport who authorise their footage to be included within the PORTAL.  All other videos are hosted by YouTube, Vimeo or on Social Media platforms.  SPEEDWAY  PORTAL acts as a multimedia interface to play a carefully collaborated selection of these videos.  SPEEDWAY   PORTAL also have authorised access to other multimedia media that is not available on any other platform.


Q = Can I download the videos?

A = No, you can only stream the footage from the SPEEDWAY  PORTAL website, there is no facility to download.


Q = Can I watch live matches over the internet with SPEEDWAY  PORTAL?

A = SPEEDWAY  PORTAL does not supply any live links or broadcasts without prior authorisation.

Q = I have some old VHS videos of speedway, are they any use to SPEEDWAY  PORTAL?

A = Yes, as long as you own the copyright or they are not copyrighted.  If you are able to get the videos to us, we can get them added to SPEEDWAY  PORTAL and returned to you.


Q = I own the copyright on a video, I want it removed from SPEEDWAY  PORTAL.

A = If the copyrighted video has already been authorised for SPEEDWAY  PORTAL use and you wish it to be removed, contact us and it will be removed ASAP.  However, if the copyrighted video is a link to a video on YouTube, Vimeo or a Social Media platform, you would need to contact those companies direct as SPEEDWAY  PORTAL does not have any control over any material hosted on those platforms.



A = Yes.  SPEEDWAY  PORTAL does not host any unauthorised videos.  Any unauthorised content included within SPEEDWAY  PORTAL are purely links to videos in the public domain on YouTube, Vimeo or on social media platforms.  These companies have a strict policy on copyright, and vet the uploaded videos before they are available on their sites.  They also allow their videos to be shared on other sites.  Any videos that do not stream from YouTube, Vimeo or Social Media platforms, authorisation has been granted for SPEEDWAY  PORTAL use.

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