Individual : 17/05/2018


Warriors Go For Individual Glory


The Islands’ speedway riders take a break from team action this Thursday (17 May) and look instead for individual glory as the club stage the annual Vince Mapley Memorial Trophy at the Andrew Younie Smallbrook Stadium in Ryde.


Originally planned to be the opening meeting of the 2018 season in April, bad weather forced its cancellation and the Warriors promoters were quick to reschedule the event.  Warriors’ co-promoter Barry Bishop was sincere in his acknowledgement of Mapley’s influence on himself and fellow co-promoter Martin Widman as they prepared to re-launch speedway on the Island back in 2015/16.  He said, “We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Vince and his family.  They were so supportive of our plans.  It is only right that we honour the memory of a man who over the period of our association was a real inspiration to Martin and I.  Vince was a determined and dedicated speedway man so we will always try an assemble a line up that reflects those values and we believe we have the riders to serve up another night of close quarter action this week”.


For the third staging of the trophy home number one Ben Morley who has been in such a rich vein of form will probably start as favourite, but after that it is very even amongst the twelve strong field and predicting podium spots much more difficult.


The line up in draw order is as follows: Kelsey Dugard, Sam Woolley, Shaun Tedham, Ben Hopwood, Tom Woolley, Callum Walker, Ben Morley, Danno Verge, Chris Widman, Scott Campos, Jamie Sealey and Alfie Bowtell.


Morley’s The Man For The Mapley Trophy


‘Wightlink’ Warrior Ben Morley was in a class of his own as he completed six unbeaten rides at the Smallbrook Stadium to win the third staging of speedway’s Vince Mapley Memorial Trophy, an event that saw all three podium places occupied by home riders.


Peerless in the qualifying stages, Morley and his closest rival Ben Hopwood (11 points) were drawn in separate semi-finals before coming together in a winner take all grand final.  With first pick of starting position, Morley took his favoured outside berth and as the tapes rose made a text book start to secure overall victory.


Whilst Morley was showing a clean pair of heels to the opposition, team mate Scott Campos provided much of the passing action with several trade mark bursts of speed round turns three and four.  Birmingham rider Callum Walker also made the grand final after a thoroughly workmanlike performance.


Warriors co-promoter Barry Bishop said, “We put 30 tons of new shale on the track after last week’s meeting and it took a couple of heats to fully blend in with the old surface but after that it was absolutely fine as evidenced by several sub 70 second times.  Congratulations to Ben on his win.  Definitely the best rider on the night and a very deserving recipient of the trophy”.


Qualifying scores: Kelsey Dugard 5, Sam Woolley 0, Shaun Tedham 3, Ben Hopwood 11, Tom Woolley 6, Callum Walker 8, Ben Morley 12, Danno Verge 4, Chris Widman 1, Scott Campos 10, Jamie Sealey 0, Alfie Bowtell 10, Jamie Bursill (res) 2.


Final: Morley, Hopwood, Campos, Walker.

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