Update - 2019 Fixtures

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Following the issue of the 2019 fixture list last week, some changes to the home meetings in May and June have been agreed to ease the racing schedule of doubling up riders Ben Morley and Georgie Wood.


The revised fixture list now looks like this:



Thursday 11th    Home     Vince Mapley Memorial Trophy 

Tuesday 16th     Home      British Under 21 Semi Final 

Thursday 18th    Home     Reserved (to be used should 16th April be

                                            rained off) 

Thursday 25th    Home     Mildenhall (National Trophy) 

Sunday 28th       Away      Mildenhall (National Trophy) 




Thursday 2nd      Home      Plymouth (National Trophy)

Thursday 9th       Home     Cradley (Knock Out Cup) 

Thursday 16th     Home     Reserved 

Monday 20th        Away      Cradley (Knock Out Cup) 

Thursday 23rd     Home     Stoke (National Development League) 

Friday 24th          Away      Plymouth (National Trophy) 

Thursday 30th     Home     Kent (National Trophy) 



Monday 3rd          Away     Kent (National Trophy) – to be confirmed 

Thursday 6th        Home    Reserved

Tuesday 11th       Home    Plymouth (National Development League) – to

                                             be confirmed

 Thursday 13th     Home   Plymouth (National Development League) – to

                                             be confirmed 

Saturday 15th      Away     Leicester (National Development League) 

Tuesday 18th       Home    Reserved 

Friday 21st           Away     Plymouth (National Development League) 

Thursday 27th      Home    Kent (National Development League)  



Monday 1st          Away      Cradley (National Development League)

Thursday 4th        Home     Cradley (National Development League) 

Monday 8th          Away      Kent (National Development League) – to be


Tuesday 9th          Home     Reserved 

Thursday 18th       Home     Reserved

Monday 22nd        Away      Belle Vue Colts (National Development


Thursday 25th       Home     ‘Silver Ski Holiday’ Fours also featuring Kent,

                                                Mildenhall & Plymouth

Friday 26th            Away      ‘Silver Ski Holiday’ Fours at Plymouth




Thursday 1st         Home      Reserved 

Saturday 3rd         Away       ‘Silver Ski Holiday’ Fours at Kent – to be


Sunday 4th           Away        ‘Silver Ski Holiday’ Fours at Mildenhall 

Monday 5th          Away        ‘Silver Ski Holiday’ Fours at Kent – to be


Thursday 8th        Home        Mildenhall (National Development League)                                                                                   

Thursday 15th      Home        Reserved

Tuesday 20th       Home        Belle Vue Colts (National Development


Sunday 25th         Away         Mildenhall (National Development League) 

Thursday 29th      Home        Leicester (National Development League) 

Saturday 31st       Away         Stoke (National Development League) 



Thursday 5th       Home        Reserved






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